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It takes effort and drive to build a business that capitalizes on your strengths and passions, and our founder Dawn Crawley has done it with style. Raised on a farm, she has always had a 7-day work week mentality. A highly energized person, Dawn cares about giving back to the community, helping the planet, doing right by her team, and making connections. Through Housecleaning Heroes, Dawn has found a way to turn her generosity into a company that continues to grow and thrive.

Dawn wasn’t always in the cleaning business, but she has always focused on connections and caring for people. She started her career studying social work, and although she loved it, she knew she needed to do something more hands-on. She turned to the most literal possibility – getting licensed as a massage therapist and tending to her client’s bodies and spirits for 20 years. She loved how the work helped her channel her energy into a more calm, peaceful approach to work and life.

As a serial entrepreneur, having a calm approach to work certainly helped Dawn weather the ups and downs of small business life. Dawn and her husband, Geoff, have started four businesses over the decades of their life together, and they have built on every lesson learned through success and failure. When looking at the success of Housecleaning Heroes.

Dawn gives a lot of credit to the opportunity to try different enterprises with different outcomes. In fact, some of the hardest lessons have had the most positive impact on how she approaches her business today.
When it came to the mission of Housecleaning Heroes, Dawn felt strongly that her business had to give back. Her mother died of breast cancer, so she started by building a specific number of monthly free housecleaning hours to people fighting the disease into her business plan and budget. She expanded the company’s pro bono services to include people with other serious illnesses, and then she started working with first responders. Today, the company works with anybody in the community who needs the help.

It was the sensitivity of cancer patients that led Dawn to take a green approach to the company’s cleaning supplies. Care for her team of cleaners and her clients has made her do intensive research to find the best alternatives to dangerous chemicals, and it keeps her on top of the latest developments. It's all in the details. While the team uses scent-free products as often as possible, she understands that some people miss the smells they associate with a clean home, and she introduced using natural oils to replicate those aromas.

It’s the details that make a difference to Dawn. In addition to green, scent-free cleaning products, Dawn takes care of her team so that they can take care of her clients. The cleaners get regular training and feedback, living wages and benefits. She believes strongly in meeting people where they are and offering the help and support they need.
Dawn and Geoff live in Loudon County. They have 3 kids and a dog named Bacon. Her hobby is a quest to find the perfect spa, and mightily enjoying the research along the way. She’s an avid reader, finishing 2 or 3 books a week. The family loves to play board and card games, and they are active in their community. We are proud to have Dawn as our leader, and we hope you’ll enjoy meeting her.
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Why People Choose House Cleaning Heroes

With more than 35 years of experience, we’re the only local company where the same cleaning professional visits your home every time. Your personal preferences are the highest priority and your house is cleaned consistently, every time.

Our green cleaning program keeps your home fresh without harsh chemicals and irritating ingredients. You work hard to give your family the best choices possible. We support you with green cleaning supplies and gentle, yet highly effective, cleaning methods.

With unmatched training and expertise, our cleaning professionals are second to none. We train each employee with industry best practices and guide them through the first cleaning to get it right the first time.

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Why people choose Clinima?

Cleaning's no fun. In fact, it’s time-consuming, dirty, and can involve a bruised knee or two. Luckily for you, we love to clean. It’s basically all we do. Get your day and knees back — book online or call us to make your place shine like never before. In the rare event, you're not satisfied with the quality of the service, we will make it right with our Great Clean Guarantee.

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We are a locally woman-owned company since 2016
We are a green cleaning company which means we use environmentally safe products to protect our employees and your loved ones. If you prefer a different product to be used, homeowner may supply if approved to be used by House Cleaning Heroes.
House Cleaning Heroes are employees who undergo background checks and undergo vigorous initial and ongoing training regimens. We care for those we hire and offer health benefits and paid vacation to full-time workers. Our Heroes quickly become a part of your family too as you grow to know them and they grow to know you.
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